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The Revised Phillips Style Guide Is Now Available!

The Revised Phillips Style Guide Is Now Available!

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The Phillips Style Guide has been updated! It features a new reader-friendly layout, a new section for citing audio materials, and a few other changes. You can access the updated version on the Phillips website under the Library tab link for “Writing and Research Guides.” Check out the Summer 2017 update today!

Phillips Theological Seminary Style Guide - Turabian CMS

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  • On Wednesday Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he would implement a ban on transgender individuals serving in the US Military. However, without a formal order outside of his personal social media account, officials in the Pentagon say they were caught off guard.
  • The British Museum announced it has lost a diamond ring in their collection valued at £750,000. The Cartier diamond ring went missing in 2011, and efforts to determine if it was misplaced or stolen have yielded no results. 
  • The fight between Poland’s controversial president, Andrzej Duda and the European Union over allegedly undemocratic judicial reforms is heating up. Duda wants to grant his administration the ability to replace all supreme court justices. The EU has said that if Poland moves forward with this, they may sanction Poland’s voting rights in EU institutions.

Transgender Ban

There are currently an estimated 15,500 active duty, National Guard and Reserve transgender service members in the US Military.

Transgender Individuals


Lost Diamond

To be fair, the British Museum is very large, full of uncountable nooks and crannies into which one of the world's biggest diamonds could disappear.

The British Musuem



EU members aren't the only skeptics of Duda's agenda; protests throughout Poland delayed earlier implementation of the reforms. 


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