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Please take the library's annual survey:

Please take the library's annual survey:

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The library would like your feedback! Please participate in this 2017 annual library survey so that the library can make sure we are meeting your needs. Your responses are anonymous and will offer valuable data in assessing our services. 

Library Hours: The library will be open from 10-2 this Saturday.

MayDay is coming: MayDay—May 1—is a time when archivists and other cultural heritage professionals take personal and professional responsibility for doing something—even if it's something simple—to help make a difference if an emergency occurs in their repositories. What will you do to save your information artifacts (photos, letters, important documents or family treasures) in the event of fire, severe weather or other natural disaster? What would you lose if the data on your phone or laptop became corrupted and unreadable? Use this MayDay to to plan ahead!