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Moodle Makeover

Moodle Makeover

by Prof. Susanna Southard (she/her) -
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Today, December 19, the Phillips Moodle site is under construction.  The new appearance is designed to be more mobile friendly and cleaner in design.

Moodle features will not change and anything you are accustomed to finding in Moodle will still be there.  It will look different and you may need to take a different path to get there.

Some basic guidelines for getting around in the new Moodle will be posted.  In the meantime, a general rule is that any link you're used to finding in the column on the left will now be available by clicking next to your name in the upper right.

Don't hesitate to contact StudentHelp if you have any questions or concerns getting started with the new look of Moodle.