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Library Webinar Follow Up and Other News

Library Webinar Follow Up and Other News

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TLM 2016 Phillips Seminary Library Clue Game Night

There is a new lesson in the Moodle Course "Resources for Success"  in the Library Section that will allow you to earn the first Information Literacy Badge. Don't forget to check out the Writing Badges in the course as well to help you brush up on your writing skills!

Here is the link to the recorded Wednesday "Online Help and Library Orientation Follow Up Webinar": (copy and paste the link) and the notes used during the presentation. If you view the video, please give the library some feedback with this brief survey so that we can make the webinars better!

And don't forget, the library has selected bibliographies for each of the IRU sessions. All books listed on the bibs can be found in the Phillips Library. Copies of all the bibs are available in the library near the circulation desk -- come and pick one up!