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Student Email Changeover Information

Student Email Changeover Information

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We are excited to announce that Phillips will soon move its student email platform from the existing ProMail platform to the Office365 platform. With the Office365 student email, of which the majority of you will keep the same email address (, you’ll gain the benefits of a robust online environment, including access to Office365 applications.

The Office365 student email account is the ONLY email account with which Phillips will effect official communications regarding all things student-related.

In order to facilitate this change, our technology staff must shut down your current student email account. So from 07-01-2016 thru 07-15-2016, you will not be able to access your current student email account while it is undergoing the changeover to the new Office365 platform.

At some point during this two-week window, your existing student email account, which is housed on the ProMail platform, will become inactive and eventually deleted. Before that actually occurs, however, you will be able to access your old student email account (ProMail platform) and send emails, presumably without problems, but you will not be able to RECEIVE any new emails.

After July 15th, your Phillips student email account will be 100% validated in the new Office365 system and all of your school-related communications will take place with this new Office365 student email account.

We highly recommend that you take all actions necessary to secure any given email data, in your existing ProMail student email account, whether by means of backing up or by forwarding your emails to your other personal email account/s. etc.

We also strongly advise you to take care to check your existing student email account before the Office365 changeover commences on July 1st. After your new Office365 student email account has been successfully integrated, you will NOT be able to gain access the OLD ProMail student email account.

BEFORE the two-week changeover period:

·       You should contact any professors or staff members with whom you are now have ongoing email communications regarding any coursework, student services, student billing account, etc. BEFORE the changeover start date of July 1st, and provide them your temporary email address (your personal, as an example) with which you can continue dialog during the two week changeover period as this system change will also email exchange on Moodle quickmail.    Make every effort to secure your CURRENT email data from your ProMail student email account.

DURING the two-week changeover period of 07-01-2016 thru 07-15-2016:

·       You should have assured that temporarily, all of your student email communications are going to your own personal email account.

·       You should communicate with your professors by providing them your personal email address to temporarily continue course dialogs, course events, etc.

We will be forwarding this note to all Phillips staff and faculty so that they will also know of this change and possible delay.

IMPORTANT1: If you have changed your personal email address, please be sure to update Toni Imbler (Registrar, so that she can update your records.

IMPORTANT2: Attached to this email is the step-by-step guide on activating your new Office365 student email account; the guide also includes details specific with your one-time temporary password. You will be able to login after July 15th.

The CURRENT, soon-to-be-OLD, ProMail student email account login is:

If you have any problems logging in to your existing ProMail student email account, contact us ( and we will get you squared away in short order.

Thank you and good luck to all!


John Forest

Financial Aid Officer / Learning Technology Advisor