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1)      COURSE EVALUATIONS:  On Monday, December 7, course evaluations will be available on the Moodle page of every course in which you are enrolled.  Because these evaluations are very important to the faculty and me, I am offering an opportunity for you to win one of three QT gas card for $50 each.  For every course for which you fill out an evaluation, your name will be put in the “hat” for the drawing.  If you have taken 3 courses this semester and fill out 3 course evaluations, you get 3 chances to win.  Here’s what else you need to know: 

a.       The course evaluations are completely anonymous; your professor doesn’t even see the course evaluation link on her or his Moodle version and cannot access individual forms.  Neither can I.  Only Amy Clark, Assistant to the Dean and Faculty, can see when a student fills out a form.  The form itself does not contain a name and thus when a report is run out of Moodle no one, not even Amy, can tell who produced what form.

b.      In order to protect students even further, the results of the course evaluations are not given to faculty until well after grades have been turned in to the registrar.  And in order to protect faculty members, they will not return grades to students until the course evaluation deadline of Sunday, January 3, is past.

c.       This means, if you’re doing the math, that you have nearly a full month, from Dec 7 to Jan 3, to turn in your course evaluations.  They will automatically turn off at midnight on Jan 3.

d.      If you have any problems with course evaluations, Amy will be delighted to help you.