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Welcome to Fall 2014

Welcome to Fall 2014

by Prof. Susanna Southard (she/her) -
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Greetings to new and returning students as we embark on yet another exciting year of theological education!

If you have not already done so, you may wish to visit, where you will find posted booklists for your courses.  Click the appropriate 'Area' tab to find a particular course listing.

Professors will make Moodle courses and syllabi available in the next couple of weeks.  Some will open the first day of class; others will be accessible sooner.  Please email your professor directly if you have a question or request.

Everyone has access to the 'Resources for Success at PTS' Moodle course, where you will find helpful library information provided by Clair Powers, as well as instructional videos for Moodle and Chalk & Wire.  These are in the process of being updated to match recent changes in our site.  Our host, Moodlerooms, is streamlining functions to make tablet and phone use easier.

Don't hesitate to contact Staci Copenhaver and me with your Moodle questions at  Staci handles log in and enrollment issues.  I can help you navigate Moodle features.

Happy Moodling!

Susanna Southard, Director of Teaching with Technology, Chaplain, and Instructor in Ministry Studies