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And the semester begins...

And the semester begins...

by Prof. Susanna Southard (she/her) -
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Hello to our new PTS students who are just finding your way into and through Moodle!  Hello to our continuing PTS students who, perhaps, know more than you had ever dreamed about Moodle!

Are you ready for another fascinating adventure of learning?

Resources for Success at PTS is a Moodle course available to everyone.  (You should see the on your home page after logging in.)  Here you can find helpful information about using PTS library resources, as well as training videos for Moodling.

Need help logging in? Contact Staci Copenhaver.

Need help with a specific Moodle task? Contact Susanna Southard.

Have questions about a syllabus or the content of a class?  Contact the instructor directly.

Have questions about the PTS library? Contact Clair Powers.

Need help with your PTS email? Contact Katrina Morrison.

We're here to make your seminary experience as productive and pain-free as possible.  And, we're glad you're a part of the PTS community!