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Forum Posts and Email

Forum Posts and Email

by Prof. Susanna Southard (she/her) -
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Several students have expressed concern about receiving an email every time someone posts in a discussion forum.  You can control this to some extent.

Sarah Morice Brubaker shows how to make some changes in this short video:  To see another video on how to participate in discussion forums, please go to joule Social.  The link is now on the top right of the home page.  Follow the instructions in this video:

The following written instructions include additional information about personalizing the way you received notifications of Moodle events.

There are 2-3 ways to address a flood of forum posts in email, depending on how you want your Moodle to work.

The first is that you have the option of subscribing or unsubscribing, unless the professor has disabled that choice for a particular forum.  Go into the forum and see if there isn’t a dropdown box that lets you subscribe or unsubscribe.  You might also find that option at the bottom of the emails you are receiving, if memory serves correctly.  This is how you  determine whether or not any notices will be sent.

Another step is to go into ‘my profile’ then ‘edit settings’ and look for the box near the top with a dropdown menu for forum emails/digests.  It has three options: receive a separate email for each post (a.k.a. no digest), receive a daily digest with subject headings only, or receive a daily digest with the full posts.  The daily digests come out around 6:00pm each evening.

Finally, you can manage your own notification preferences.  Go to ‘my profile’ then ‘messaging’ and it will take you to a page with a long list of items for which you might want to receive notice with four columns for the type of notice you would like in each instance.  Scroll down to forum and check the appropriate radio buttons.  When a new post is made while you’re signed into Moodle (online), do you want a pop-up notification or an alert  on the blue exclamation point in the upper right of your page or an email sent?  What if you’re not logged into Moodle (offline) when the new post is made?  You’ll want to check the same buttons in the advanced forum row.

My personal preference is to have emails sent (but in the daily digest) all the time and alerts for when I’m online.  But you may prefer something else.