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Good News for iPad and iPhone Users

Good News for iPad and iPhone Users

by Prof. Susanna Southard (she/her) -
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From Eric Meyer:

"There is a Moodle Ap available for Iphones and Ipads.  The ap for the Ipad is called M+, and is a pleasant way to use Moodle on the Ipad.  Thought you might like to know!"

"I really like the Ipad ap...It is much more convenient than accesing the website from the Ipad.  I also use Organidocs HD and Cloud On aps to manage all of my files on the 'cloud'.  Combining these aps with the Moodle ap, I can open a posted file in Moodle, then save it to my Ipad (through Organidocs) or modify the the file if it is a Word document (with Cloud On).  Both of those aps appear as an option to view the file through Moodle.  With these 3 aps, I can do anything I want with any of my documents on my Ipad that I could do from my desktop, and all of my PTS documents are available instantly from the cloud.  Barring a Nuclear cloud burst, I no longer fear that a hard drive crash will destroy all of my papers!"

"This afternoon, Ellen Blue asked her Weslian Theology class to reminder her what subjects we wrote about during the J term Doctrine class.  Without Organidocs and the 'cloud', there is no way my seminary addled brain would have remembered.  A couple of clicks, and I had all of the information I needed!"

Thanks, Eric!