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Here comes the new school year!

Here comes the new school year!

by Prof. Susanna Southard (she/her) -
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Welcome to new students and returning students alike.

Feel free to poke around Moodle (start here), edit your profile (here's how), personalize your display, or wait for new student orientation when we will show you the basics.  Watch for helpful resources to come.

It's ok if you don't see all of your courses already.  Your instructors will make them available when everything's ready to go.

Send your Moodle questions to  Staci Copenhaver will respond to Moodle account questions (e.g., user id, password, permissions, how to basics); Carl Muehlberg will respond to your technology questions; and I will respond to questions or concerns related to how things are working inside your courses (e.g., forum posting, assignment submission, accessing links).

For questions about how to do an assignment (e.g., how many times should I post? when is posting allowed?), be sure to read your syllabus carefully and then contact your instructor.

Let's have a great semester!

Susanna Southard, Pastor to the PTS Community