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SSO Single Sign-On Apps

SSO Single Sign-On Apps

by Tammye Jurena -
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Phillips recently switched to a new Single Sign-On (SSO) interface. You will still access SSO through

You will reenter your password a second time. 

Then you will be required to recreate your password recovery questions when you first log in.

Once you have successfully submitted your security questions Click the "Goto My Apps button"

Once you have gained access to the new portal, you will notice the interface has been improved aesthetically and we now have the ability to add links to websites that do not require logins.

Updated Information

If you are using the browsers, Chrome, Edge, or Safari, you may see our SSO link as pop up as

There are a couple of ways to get around this “feature”

1. Type “ “ Add a space behind the edu.

2. Clear the browser history. This removes all auto-fill for sites previously visited. It will not remove your bookmark.

If you have a bookmark, you can edit the bookmark and remove the “/home/1317” from the bookmark and save it.

If you have any trouble logging into SSO, please reach out to Student Services at 918-270-6421.