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Cuneiform Tablets

Cuneiform Tablets

by Tammye Jurena -
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Did you know Phillips Theological Seminary now has cuneiform tablets in its Beasley Rare Book Room? 

These tablets were inherited from the Missouri School of Religion, now Phillip’s Center for Ministry and Lay Training, in 2018. It is believed that these items were obtained from the middle east in the 1950’s and donated to the Missouri School of Religion. They have been on extended loan at the University of Columbia’s Museum of Art and Archaeology since the 1970’s. Phillips moved them to the seminary campus in August 2020.

The tablets range in date from 2055 BC to 437 BC. The ‘tablets’ with the figures are modern plasticine casts of ancient cylindrical seals. The tablets are mostly receipts for animals and food items.

According to records the cone shaped tablet reads: “Sin kashid the mighty man, the king of Uruk, the king of Amnanum, the provider for the temple of Eanna—the palace of his kingship has built.” Sin kashid’s dates were circa 1865-1833 BC.