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Congratulations to Students!

Congratulations to Students!

by Moodle Admin -
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If you see this message, you have successfully logged into PTS Moodle.

Links to any available courses in which you are enrolled should be showing on this page. 

If you do not see a particular course, the professor may not have made it available to students yet.  If none of the courses in which you are currently enrolled have been made available yet, then you are probably seeing a whole list of courses by category and none of them will let you in.  Fear not.  As soon as one of your courses becomes available, all the others will disappear.

And, remember, any questions or concerns about the working of Moodle may be addressed to your friendly MoodleAdmin

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Re: Congratulations to Students!

by Prof. Susanna Southard (she/her) -

Well, clearly I wrote this message for students to see after logging in. :)

Don't worry if that's not you...yet.  Sometime in the next week, students will receive individual messages with instructions for logging in, including a default password that must be changed upon first entry.