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Fall Master Level Course Evaluations Deadline

Fall Master Level Course Evaluations Deadline

by Tammye Jurena -
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A quick reminder that the fall master course evaluations will automatically close Friday, December 20 at Midnight.  Your feedback is important to us, and we value the information that you share.  

The course evaluations are completely anonymous; your professor doesn’t even see the course evaluation link on their Moodle version and cannot access individual forms. Only the Dean’s designee, who is a member of the Phillips staff, can see when a student fills out a form. The form itself does not contain a name. Thus when a report of all evaluations is run out of Moodle, no one, not even that designee, can tell who produced what form.

For every evaluation completed, we will place your name in a drawing for a QT gas gift card. The registrar and professors will not release your final grades for the semester until students have completed all of their course evaluations.

Thank you!!!