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Textbook Voucher and Community Meal

Textbook Voucher and Community Meal

by Tammye Jurena -
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September 30
Last day for Textbook Voucher repayment. Call or email Megan if you have any questions 918.270.6421

October 1

Student-led prayer time at 11:30 am. Please consider participating via Zoom or in the Chapel. Prayer time generally lasts 15-20 minutes.

Community Lunch at Noon
Main entrée: Ham, Broccoli, Cheese & Potato Casserole
Sides: Grilled Brussels Sprouts & Handmade Biscuits, Vegetarian - Hearty Vegetable Stew, Vegetable Salad & Fresh Fruit
Desserts: Gluten-Free Brownies and Cranberry Bread Pudding