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by Katherine Casey -
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Hi everyone!

We have installed a couple of new exhibits in the library this spring.

In the Beasley Rare Book Room--

The Beasley Rare Book Room hosts a new exhibit in correlation with our 2018 Remind and Renew conference.  Spiritually Convicted: Three Centuries of Dissenters in the Protestant Movement, exhibits several Protestant religious leaders who had experienced forms of adversity during their times of ministry. Despite opposition these leaders developed spiritual resilience and conviction of their beliefs.  The Impact of Prayer and Meditation on Christianity, shows how prayer has been central to Christian thought and practice, as evidenced by the countless publications on the subject. Prayer and meditation are key facets to Christian life. While earlier scholars did not have access to modern neurological studies on how prayer affects the human brain, it is clear that these theologians viewed prayer as a necessary component for active and spiritual faith and the Christian life. 

And in the display area at the library entry, you'll find an exhibit titled Twentieth-Century Social Activism: Journals from the Phillips Library Collection.

Within the Phillips Seminary Library collection are a number of periodical titles that are no longer in print. On display are a few titles devoted to social activism.

Stop by and take a look!