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The Library is Open this Saturday...

The Library is Open this Saturday...

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The Library is Open this Saturday! 

The Library will be open from 10am to 2pm on Saturday Nov. 4th. Check our hours here.

Spine poetry by Serials and Reserves Librarian Katherine Casey. 

One more day to enter the #TLM2017 drawing! 

There's one more day to enter the drawing for the book In Case of Katrina by Dr. Ellen Blue. The submission date was extended. Winners will be announced Friday. Enter to win by creating a book spine poem or collecting  library staff bookmarks. See full contest rules here.

Thanks to all our library users who made this past October a great Theological Libraries Month! 

Library Research Help

Be sure to check out the Resources for Success course's library section in Moodle, also accessible from the Phillips website on this page with other librarian-recommended links.

Guides range from How to Choose a Commentary, Research Strategies help, and even tips on how to search for items in other libraries near you using

There are also many video tutorials, like these, accessible from that course. 

Here's one that shows you how to search for online materials, such as online peer-reviewed articles and ebooks, from the catalog:

Ebook of the week: 

"This book presents a comprehensive study into Plato's theological doctrines, offering an important re-valuation of the status of Plato's gods and the relation between metaphysics and theology according to Plato. Starting from an examination of Plato's views of religion and the relation between religion and morality, Gerd Van Riel investigates Plato's innovative ways of speaking about the gods. This theology displays a number of diverging tendencies - viewing the gods as perfect moral actors, as cosmological principles or as celestial bodies whilst remaining true to traditional anthropomorphic representations. Plato's views are shown to be unified by the emphasis on the goodness of the gods in both their cosmological and their moral functions.

Van Riel shows that recent interpretations of Plato's theology are thoroughly metaphysical, starting from aristotelian patterns. A new reading of the basic texts leads to the conclusion that in Plato the gods aren't metaphysical principles but souls who transmit the metaphysical order to sensible reality. The metaphysical principles play the role of a fated order to which the gods have to comply. This book will be invaluable to readers interested in philosophical theology and intellectual history." From the publisher. Read the ebook.