Seminary Announcements

Fall 2021 Master Student Enrollment Dates

Fall 2021 Course Enrollment For Continuing Students: April 6-20
Fall 2021 Course Enrollment For New Students: Begins April 19

With only six weeks left in the Spring 2021 semester, it's time to think about Fall 2021 courses. The link to the newly released course schedule for the Fall 2021 semester is listed below.

Fall 2021 Course Schedule 

Please, schedule time to make an appointment with your adviser who will help you select the courses you should take.

The enrollment form can be found in the Student Services site within Moodle (under section #8 "Registrar forms") or you can access the enrollment form by clicking here.

Return your completed enrollment form to Virginia Thompson, registrar.

Bulletin board with the works Student Enrollment.

Phillips LogoWear

The Communications Department has resupplied the stock of short sleeve t-shirts and are also supplying long sleeve t-shirts. All t-shirts are available in black and grey.

Short Sleeve T-shirts are still $5
Long Sleeve T-shirts are $8

Please Note: Phillips t-shirts are not ordered through the LogoWear store.

If you are a distance student and would like assistance obtaining a shirt, please contact Megan Lovins in the Student Services Office. You can also order Phillips logo wear online. Check out the new logo wear link: CLICK TO SHOP.


Lenten Prayer, Week of March 21-27

Most Loving God, who has heard of such love? Jesus, whose hands offered justice and mercy—pierced. Jesus, whose footsteps crossed lines of suspicion and hatred—pierced. Jesus, whose bowed head gathered all in love—pierced and broken. O God, may my life be as dear to me as it is to Christ. May such love be the net cast upon us all, binding each one to the other. May it be so. Amen.

Lent 2021: Prayers for Hope and Resurrection
Written by Terry Ewing, Vice President of Advancement

Words: Lent A seaon of reflection, thorns